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HPE by Selectium and Mitsumi Distribution Unveil Transformative Partnership at Grand Launch
Event in Nairobi’s Kempinski hotel.

The event marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between two industry leaders, promising
to deliver groundbreaking solutions to enterprises in the region.
Nairobi, 24 Aug, 2023 – In a significant step towards technological innovation and market expansion,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) by Selectium proudly announced the official launch of their
strategic appointment of Mitsumi Distribution. The launch event took place at the Kempinski hotel,
Nairobi marking a new era of collaboration in the technology and distribution sectors.
With both companies having already inked the distribution agreement, the launch event serves as a
platform to showcase the breadth of possibilities this collaboration offers to the market.
The launch event witnessed the convergence of HPE team, channel partners and business experts,
all gathered to celebrate the synergy between HPE by Selectium, and Mitsumi Distribution. Bringing
together the expertise of HPE, the market acumen of Selectium, and the robust distribution network
of Mitsumi, this alliance promises to reshape the landscape of IT solutions and services.
“We are thrilled to announce the formal launch of our partnership with HPE and Mitsumi
Distribution,” said HPE By at Selectium. “This collaboration not only combines the strengths of three
industry leaders but also demonstrates our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our
channel partner.”

The launch event featured keynote speeches, interactive panel discussions, and latest solutions and
innovations of HPE. Attendees gained insights into the joint vision of HPE By Selectium, and Mitsumi
Distribution which revolves around enhancing technological capabilities and providing seamless
access to cutting-edge products and services.
Mr. Mitesh Shah, Managing Director at Mitsumi Distribution, highlighted the significance of this
partnership by saying, “Our partnership with HPE by Selectium opens doors to exciting opportunities
for businesses across various sectors. This collaboration aligns with our mission to provide our
partners with best-in-class technologies. Our joint efforts with HPE by Selectium will pave the way for
a new era of innovation and progress.”

About HPE Selectium:
Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a global technology company that provides cutting-edge solutions in
areas such as servers, storage, networking, and more. With a focus on innovation, HPE empowers
businesses to accelerate their digital transformation and thrive in a rapidly evolving technological
HPE Selectium is a powerful platform that enables organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure
and streamline their operations. With its advanced features and capabilities, Selectium empowers
businesses to achieve greater efficiency, agility, and scalability, while reducing costs and improving
performance. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing infrastructure, migrate to the cloud,
or implement new technologies, Selectium can help you achieve your goals. Our team of experts will
work with you to understand your unique needs and develop a customized solution that meets your

specific requirements. With HPE by Selectium, you can stay ahead of the competition and drive
innovation in your industry.

About Mitsumi Distribution
Mitsumi Distribution is a leading technology provider specializing in distribution channels in Africa,
the GCC and French-speaking countries. With over two decades of experience, Mitsumi Distribution
has firmly established itself as a trusted authority in the region. The company offers a wide range of
innovative technology solutions, with a focus on IT, Telco, cloud computing, networking, servers and
storage. Mitsumi Distribution is committed to providing superior quality products, exceptional
service and unparalleled value to its valued customers.

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