Office 505, The Business Center, Khalid Bin
Al Waleed Rd, Bur Dubai United Arab


Empowering the power retailers and hyper markets

Retail Distribution


Office 505, The Business Center, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd, Bur Dubai


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+971 4 3706 058

Mitsumi Business Retail Unit

Mitsumi has established Retail Business Unit dedicated for GCC business based in Dubai-UAE. The retail Business unit will target power retailer and hyper markets in the Middle East.

Promotions & Displays: Providing different promotions on certain occasions, i.e, aggressive pricing, bundling, instore promoters, design displays, etc.
Merchandising: Providing merchandisers at key outlets on regular basis to monitor movement of stocks, stock availability, display, purchase, as well as sell & promote.
• Stock: To manage stock levels at all stores, maintain availability, & delivery on time.
• Training: Conduct regular training to all retail staff as well as the staff of power retailers through out the GCC.

Focus area of Retail Business
• On-boarding and having contracts with most Power Retailers
• Participating in major retail catalogues through out the region
• Provides different promotions time to time, bundle offers, in store marketing activities
• Conducts regular training on product knowledge and selling techniques.
• Prompt after sales service
• Merchandisers