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Empowering the power retailers and hyper markets

Retail Distribution


Office 505, The Business Center, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd, Bur Dubai


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+971 4 3706 058

Mitsumi Business Retail Unit

Mitsumi has established Retail Business Unit dedicated for GCC business based in Dubai-UAE. The retail Business unit will target power retailer and hyper markets in the Middle East.

Promotions & Displays: Providing different promotions on certain occasions, i.e, aggressive pricing, bundling, instore promoters, design displays, etc.
Merchandising: Providing merchandisers at key outlets on regular basis to monitor movement of stocks, stock availability, display, purchase, as well as sell & promote.
• Stock: To manage stock levels at all stores, maintain availability, & delivery on time.
• Training: Conduct regular training to all retail staff as well as the staff of power retailers through out the GCC.

Focus area of Retail Business
• On-boarding and having contracts with most Power Retailers
• Participating in major retail catalogues through out the region
• Provides different promotions time to time, bundle offers, in store marketing activities
• Conducts regular training on product knowledge and selling techniques.
• Prompt after sales service
• Merchandisers